All Saints is situated in the heart of Headley in NE Hampshire, it is one of three villages of that name mentioned in the Doomsday Book. The Parish includes Headley, Lindford, Hollywater, Headley Down, Deadwater, Standford, Arford, 

Picketts Hill, Wishanger, Barford, Headley Park and Hearn.


   Headley is friendly and welcoming, just like All Saints Church. As with many villages in the area there are many opportunities for residents to be active and to meet others. The WI, Scouts and Guides, Headley Voluntary Care, Horticultural Society, Theatre Group and the Headley Society are just some of the 44 groups - for all ages - that recently took part in 'Here's Headley', at www.headley-village.com an event showcasing all that is going on in Headley. Of course All Saints, ASH Puppets, 

francesemorgan@yahoo.com and the Parish Magazine magazine@allsaintsheadley.plus.com were all represented! Many of these organisations use the All Saints Church Centre,   Tina Wareham           01428 717784,  or the village hall by the large village green.

  There are many residents with longstanding local connections who remember the variety of shops and services, there are still two pubs, a hairdresser, newsagent/grocer, delicatessen/cafe and a farm shop.

   The Holme School (C of E Primary) www.holme.hants.sch.uk is growing in popularity as standards and pupil numbers have risen and with its own supporters, FROTH, is working actively to connect to the wider village.

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Headley Voluntary Care
Are you in need of help?
Trips to the Hospital, Doctors and Dentists difficult for you?
Headley Voluntary Care are here to help.
Perhaps you would like to join us for a coffee and meet up with other local people, we meet at 10.30 every Thursday morning at the Church Centre Headley, pop in and see us.
Telephone 01428 717389
We cover Arford, Headley, Headley Down, Lindford and Standford


The job of co-ordinating drivers with clients requesting transport to Hospitals and doctors is a most responsible position and one which we value highly. We are currently very short of co-ordinators and are urgently looking for volunteers.  The task is undertaken over a two-week period and occurs two to three times each year. The co-ordinator receives telephone requests from clients and contacts our pool of drivers to organise the transport requests received.  Full training and ongoing support will be provided. If you would be prepared to assist us with this valuable work please contact our Chairman Keith Henderson on 01428 713044, or visit 


A.S.H Puppets


 For thirteen years A.S.H Puppets have been running as a children’s activity – but puppetry is for all ages. We would like to host a Puppet Training Day next year.

 These workshops are run by One Way UK, the company who design and make the puppets and run the European Puppet Ministry Festival each year.  But, before we go ahead, it would be good to know what level of interest there is.  

   If you are interested or would like to know more, please send an email to francesemorgan@yahoo.com. Please note that this will be primarily for adults, although children are also welcome.

  In the meantime, we currently run puppet workshops for children at St Francis Church as part of Kraftikids, meeting on the first Saturday each month (except December) at 10.00am, so if there are more young people out there who are interested, please come and check out all the activities on offer.




Many local businesses remained open to offer you vital provisions.   Please seek them out.  They appreciate your custom. (And you may get used to using them more in the future!) 

Calling all singers! 

We have now reached the stage where our church choir membership has fallen to a crucial level!  We desperately need all voices, especially tenor and alto.  Practices are on Thursday evenings at 7pm, and you will be most welcome.  Please get in touch with Simon Parton on 01428 714371, or Sam at the church office on 01428 717207.


Please give a tenor!

   All Saints has a beautiful, old churchyard. Many visitors have expresses surprise at its size - it is one of the largest in the Guildford Diocese - but have also delighted in its peace. There are now only a limited number of burial plots available, but plenty of space for urns in our charming memorial garden. A lovely path winds through the churchyard and connects the centre of the village with the Holme School.

   For information on funerals and burials contact the Parish Administrator or click the READ MORE button below to see the Churchyard Guide.

 The Churchyard contains ten Commonwealth War Grave and just outside is the village War Memorial. Recently the Headley Society has undertaken research into all those listed on the War Memorial. If you would like to know more, click here.


All Saints Headley Churchyard 2021 ….  An update

After many centuries and consisting of half the land being part of the (Old) Rectory garden, the churchyard is now essentially full.

 Over the last 40 years some 45 folk have reserved graves which are still there for them, as are any partially filled ones (often one of a couple still being alive). Filling these will take another 70 years or so. Also the current ashes plots are open for new burials of ashes as these are reserved for use by faculty – this will last another 80 years or so! New graves spaces though are very few and just because there is no headstone, there is likely to be someone buried there. We have records of this going back to 1540.

 Accordingly, just as the pandemic began, the PCC voted to ask the local Council to take over the maintenance of the churchyards through a process administered by the Ministry of Justice where notice is given to the local Councils and you the public about this. Fees for future burials then go to the Council maintaining the churchyard rather than the Diocese of Guildford and PCC.

 There is within the parish, at Hollywater, the (rather inaccurately named) Whitehill Cemetery which is only a third full and has years left for burials. Also, the other side of the Church Centre is diocesan land rented out by them that the PCC could explore using a small amount of for future burials (though it doesn’t belong to All Saints). This might be a way forward also.

 The process is called (somewhat inaccurately) Churchyard Closure but it takes some time to enact and pass, so the churchyard is currently open to those parishioners who might die soon. Reservations sadly have had to stop as by law the few remaining spaces cannot be reserved now. Further details of progress will be given soon.

Headley All Saints PCC

The North Churchyard, Headley Parish Church

This was opened in the Great War (WWI) from a large section of the Old Rectory Garden. The latest burial in the old section was in 1914 and the are several military graves in the churchyard; it is also known as the Long Churchyard.

The path along to the back gate has been awful, almost non-existent and often muddy, but with assistance from Friends of All Saints Headley, Headley Parish Council, East Hants District and Hants County Councils we have refurbished/replaced the existing path so it is easy for people from Churchfields etc. and from the Holme School to come to the Churchyard, Church and Village Centre.


The path length was 160m and was put in by local firm James Gatcum and we thank them for that.


We hope you like it too.           


All Saints PCC

Certificate of Appreciation for Headley Fine Foods


Woolmer Forest Lions were very happy to present a Certificate of Appreciation to Headley Fine Foods for the service they have provided to local residents over the past year. When Coronavirus restrictions came in, the shop, normally run as a café and deli, was adapted by owners Rob and Brenda to provide essential items for the local community, including the very essential loo roll.

Local resident Irene Bradbury said that Rob and Brenda, who have run Headley Fine Foods for the past 14 years, had gone above and beyond to make sure that Headley residents were taken care of. When bread was in short supply, Rob had sourced bread mix and sold it in small bags from his shop. When a local lady was unwell, Brenda had cooked her a hot meal every day and delivered it to her door. These are just a few examples of the ways they have helped and as Irene states: “They have been a lifesaver to us locals.”

After receiving the certificate from Lion President, Joanne Wilson, and some flowers from Lion, Vic Machin, Rob and Brenda said they would like to thank all who have supported their shop over the past year and they were very proud to receive the award. Headley Fine Foods also sells local history and walks books


The Church Centre & Church


The Headley Church Centre is the ideal place to consider… if you are starting an art class, a craft class, an exercise class, need a rehearsal room, in fact anything that you might need a regular venue for.

 Inside the Centre there are several options.  It has an area that could act as a stage, but just as easily be made into two rooms.  There is also a smaller meeting room.  Also a very practical kitchen with serving hatch.  Outside there is plenty of parking for hall users. Plenty of chairs both for adults and children with both adult and childsized tables available, and on warm sunny days there is also access out onto a grassed area.

The Church Centre is also ideal for meetings, parties, exhibitions or any ‘one off’ events.  

Please call Tina (bookings secretary) on

01428 717784 to find out more.

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