All Saints mission is to know, show and share

the love of Jesus Christ, 

our Lord, come and join us.


Our parish is committed to the care, nurture and protection of all within our community especially children and vulnerable adults. We seek to keep in line with the Diocese of Guildford's Safeguarding Policy and Procedures which can all be found here.

Please click here to read The Parish of All Saints Headley Safeguarding and Cyber Security Policies​, to contact our Safeguarding officer or email 


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From today, in light of the advice from the Archbishop of Canterbury on suspension of Services, and following the completion of the Church of England compliance list:


Thursday 9.30am service and  Voluntary Care Coffee after is CANCELLED until further notice


Occasional Offices (limited numbers):

Funerals where booked will be undertaken using all appropriate care.

Weddings will not be undertaken.



In a clear directive from Guildford Diocese today (20/3/120) all corporate and public services, worship (including Mothering Sunday) and social activities have now been cancelled.   On Sundays Revs Andrew & Helen will carry out a short private act of worship on behalf of everyone in our communities. The Church building will remain closed at other times.   


However, we will do all we can to keep our Church family together, united in Christ and engaged with the needs of others.   It is important that we all stay strong in faith through these difficult times, and gather and share together although isolated in our own homes.


Prayers will continue to be offered throughout our communities during these challenging weeks; do please join in from your own home, and let clergy or Parish Office know if you have any specific prayer requests.   


With love and continuing prayers,  Revs Andrew and Helen

For those self-isolating, the Church of England website gives lists of broadcast services online. See also www.cofeguildford.org.uk for further information. If it is not possible for people to worship together, the various Church of England apps for Daily Prayer and Reflections are a wonderful resource and unite us in prayer. Click here for all services  
Alongside them, we have crafted two simple acts of worship, particularly geared to those who are isolated or housebound, or who are unable to attend church. 


Keep safe.



Reflections from our Rector, Andrew

Lent in Lockdown 3  How did we get here?


Centuries ago, people largely did as they were told by kings and other rulers, national or local. Morals/Ethics were determined from the top. After a series of wearying religious wars, at the end of the 17th Century thinkers began to question traditional authority such as the State or the Church. With increasing scientific knowledge, where the world was being explained in purely rational terms it was suggested that humanity could be improved through rational change. This is called the Enlightenment. In the 19th Century, an era of Romanticism happened, but in the 20th Century world wars eroded people’s faith in state and church. In the Enlightenment, the idea of individualism arose, and this was strengthened in the late 20th Century with Post-modernism – big concepts like Truth or Right or Wrong were replaced by My Truth, My Rights (but rarely My Wrongs!).

Hence when Covid-19 arose from the individualistic approach to animal and food welfare (in Wuhan), it was spread by My Right to Travel. My Right to do what I want – go out, shop, congregate, visit other countries, came into conflict with Necessary Rules to prevent the spread of disease.

A rise of Individualism – My Beliefs, Ethics, or Religion trumps some bigger need is the sin that results all over the ‘free’ (!) world. May the opposite be shown like the 405,00 volunteering to help the NHS!


Back in earlier centuries, leaders looked to a self-inspection of motives and this is shown in  Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer’s prayer of 1552 in times of plague – we might think how we have come too far over to Individualistic Rights trumping all in the light of this prayer:

The Rector



Welcome to our parish church website for All Saints’ Church, Headley in Hampshire. We are a village church proclaiming the Good News of Jesus to our small village in the Deanery of Farnham in the Diocese of Guildford in the Church of England on the Surrey Hampshire border.

  Our church is ancient but welcomes all ages in our parish to the many events and worship service held each week, both ancient and modern. We have many local ecumenical events, see also

St Francis Community Church at www.StFrancisHeadleyDown.com, but also provide the many services of Baptisms (Christenings), Weddings and Funerals, as well as major Festival Events.

  Our ministry is proclaiming and teaching the Gospel and following Jesus. We have a ministry to our local growing Holme Church of England Primary School, which is an Academy School for the Good Shepherd Trust. Click here for their latest newsletter. 


  Like so many Church of England village churches, our ministry, witness and service is to all in our parish. 

We welcome you!


All Saints Sunday Club. 

  We meet in the church centre at 10:00 am on the 3 Sundays when there is a Communion Service in church. ( On the 2nd Sunday it's a Family Service). Anyone can come along from aged 4 - 13/14 to enjoy activities which we arrange around the Christian lesson each week.


  The activities are led by experienced teachers and vary from music to drama to art/ craft to discussions about the lesson. We then go into church to receive a blessing and tell the congregation about our learning. We always join in with the Family Service each month with prayers or readings and every so often we actually run the Family Service.


  We also have Fun Days which include a bouncy castle and lots of fun and food, and we also have Messy Church days in the half term holidays. 

  Young people come from Headley, Headley Down, Lindford and Bordon. Youngsters can come for just one visit, a few or regularly. We don't mind, we love to see you! Parents do not have to stay, although we like them to come into church, but they can leave and collect their young people each week. 

For more information contact Mrs Lesley Barton ( the rector's wife) on 01428 717321



Sunday Services

                     8 am Holy Communion

                   10 am Parish Communion


Second Sunday 

                   10 am Family Service


Thursday  9.30 am Holy Communion

All Saints Parish Church



If you are a visitor or newcomer, please make yourself known to the Priest in Charge or one of the Churchwardens after the service.

If you want to speak to anyone during the week please contact Revd Dr Andrew Barton

(01428 717207). His day off is Monday.





Friends of All Saints Headley Trust (FoASH)



The purpose of the Trust is…. for the benefit of the parishioners and electoral roll members of Headley Parish and also for the general public by preserving and protecting All Saints Church, Headley through the provision of funds for the maintenance, restoration and repair of  the buildings  and fabric and curtilage of the church and churchyard.


This year we intend to begin to repair/relay churchyard paths starting with the section up to the Holme School end (called the ‘North Churchyard’). Funds from FoASH and local grants will be sought to make good, quality, lasting paths. Our Mile of Pennies event last year started this off.


Donations are welcome to help in this. The Treasurer for the FoASH Trust is Mr Bob Wilson c/o The Church Office, High St, Headley GU35 8PP. Cheques should be payable to Friends of All Saints Church Headley Trust, or you may wish to specify a donation in your will. If you wish to talk to him further about this, you may do so on 01428-713113 or at the Parish Office on 01428-717207.


Rev Andrew, Rector

All Saints’ Church has been here in the centre of our area including Headley Down, Arford, Standford, Hollywater and Lindford for well over six centuries. Whilst banks and shops and public houses have come and gone, All Saints Church has continued. It is there to be a focus of Christian worship and for the whole community to celebrate births and marriages, and for funerals and burials.

The Rector

Revd Dr Andrew Barton

All Saints Rectory

High Street


GU35 8PP

01428 717207


Assistant Curate

Revd Helen Kempster


01428 713973


Parish Administrator

Olwen Parton

Office open Mon, Wed & Fri 9.30-12

01428 717207


All Saints Church, Headley is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales: 1127424 

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